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Take a journey into Awakening with Julie...
Obtain a higher perspective of living with the help of Infinity…Healing with the power of Grace in Frisco, CO. I use vibrational therapy to help my clients throughout the world clear out old programs and patterns within their energy system.
I work with people who are wanting freedom from old programing or life patterns that keep them from living the life they want.  With the gift I have of seeing programs within the energy systems, cells, and DNA I am able to clear these programs throughout the body and work with the synapse responses in the brain to make old patterns easier to break as well as bring awareness to things that no longer serve you.   Using a technique I learned through meditation, you will find yourself free of negative thought patterns, anxiety, depression and addiction. Many of my clients continue to do this work as a pathway to Awakening.
Julie will be taking appointments on Friday's at Sue lane Beauty
Prana- Intelligence Necklaces
Using a Scalar Energy radionics devise you can experience a new wave in health and vitality. With over a 100 tunings in each hologram ranging form hormone balance to strengthening the immune system, there is no limit to the healing that can occur. Whether you are in the need for healing, or are just wanting vitality support, this product works by bringing life force energy to where it is needed and supports the vibration of each individual hologram.
Each necklace comes with 5 Holographic spheres that all start with a 100 tunings that create a full body balance. Then the sphere is programed with specific frequencies that enhance the desired outcome. Choose the holographic sphere of your choice to enhance this frequency within your own auric field. These holograms are made with magnetics and scalar energy imprints of specific resonances that build the frequency in your reality and calls in the desired outcome. Because the holograms are programed with Scalar energy the frequency does not diminish over time or space. There is even a frequency to hold the vibration when going through x-ray machines. The holograms actually get stronger the more you wear them because they work with your our life force energy creating higher vibrational states within your own auric field and within the hologram.
The 100 tuning hologram can be used to program your own prayer or desire by holding it in your hands and asking for the frequency to be held within the hologram. Wearing Prana-intelligence necklaces works with subtle energy system and at a cellular level to provide optimum health. Feel the difference every time you wear them. Experience the healing of the future today!
Holograms included with each necklace:
*100 Frequency Balance (inside the necklace) *Immunity *Abundance/Prosperity *Protection *Balance/Grounding *Love .
Unused Content: