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I am Hair By Samantha Jean. My career adventure started in Breckenridge CO. I was hired as a receptionist at a salon on Ridge st. Its name... The chopping Block. It was a long standing, successful, local salon, owned by Denise. I am proud to say, she is now not only a highly respected mentor of mine, but also a close friend. It didn't take long to realize with the time I spent at The Chopping Block, I could say I found my passion! 

      It was then, I found Academy of Cosmetology Arts (ACA). Through this school I had the ability to learn what I was longing to know! By becoming an apprentice with Denise, and receiving an education through ACA, I knew I had made the right choice. 

       I've found that bringing out every persons happiness and confidence, through each individuals beauty, is not only my passion, but my purpose. 

       I thrive most through the art of hair. Changing an individuals hair shape, texture, style, and color is a great way to assist them into feeling better and opening doors to change their self image. It can be a piece of building confidence and changing their attitude! I am not only excited, but focused and driven to continue my education and expand in any direction possible, with hair design and alterations. 

     I believe beauty is more then a look, but a feeling as well. Beauty comes with a healthy, active, life-style. I feel it is partial to my career to lead by example, learning from, and indulging in all outdoor activities, at the same time as caring for my hair, skin, body, and mind. It is important to me, to give everyone the opportunity to feel and look their best. I strive to bring people back into my chair so we can continue to build and improve on their own self-image as their life, life-style, and bodies change.
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